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Allen Hess

Requested 12.18.23

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Please Pray for Upcoming Prostrate Cancer Testing Diagnosis

Prayed: (meeting & prayer team)

Lord we speak to Allen's body, complete healing and restoration to the function and health you designed and healed his body to be by your stripes, in Jesus name, Amen

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Pastor Mark Scott

Requested 12.19.23

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little (Riley) the daughter of a West Virginia police officer that attends our services on sundays, is being placed in icu, she's only two or threee years old. (they are saying it's RSV) please pray for her - thank you

Prayed: (prayer team)

Lord we speak healing over Riley's body and command her body to be healed and "loosed" from whatever hold this virus has on her now, in Jesus name Amen!

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Requested 12.08.23

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prayer for my dad's declining physical health issues.

Prayed: (prayer team)

Lord we speak to Pappy's Dad's body, renewed vigor and stamina, we speak to both his knee and ankle/foot and blood circulation that it would return to full strength and operate in line with your intentions. > that you may get the Glory for his health and well being, in Jesus name, Amen!

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all prayers are prayed for within 24 hours, according to the scripture(s) that best defines or contains God's promises for your requests. Our prayer team consists of believers that share the same Faith and interpretation on prayer and that the prayers be prayed in agreement with what the person requesting prayer for is believing in.
Mark 11:23
James 5:15 | James 5:16
Matthew 18:19

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