In leiu of our normal Bible Study Meeting this week Skip has decided to have the group ( whosoever may ) honor Bob and his wife lina for the time and effort they have dedicated to Bob's teaching and overall contribution to our group this past fall and winter season with an honorary dinner meeting.

It was held at Rizz's local Bar & Restaurant and was a very nice affair.

Bob & Lina, hail from Panama and visit the U.S. as often as the opportunity presents itself, sharing their teaching ministry of over 30 years with both individuals, small groups and churches throughout the body of Christ.

Their life's experience in God's word and the scriptural guidance is not only welcomed but sorely needed to disciple leaders and properly plant and operate a biblically based church according to what God inspired the Apostle Paul to lay out in the New Testament.

Bob has also been a blessing to Skip's Bible Study group, with his vast knowledge of "Discipleship" that he also believes God has commanded the church to do so diligently in order to properly add and instruct the Body of Christ in this church age dispensation we as believers are currently living in.

If you wish to contact Bob you can do so using the Contact Info Below and addressing your questions c/o Bob Duncan

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